$69 million in drugs caught in the Caribbean Sea

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Key West, Florida: The United States Coast Guard reported that a crew of its Cutter Mohawk (WMEC 913) turned to its homeport in Key West, Florida, after 59-day safeguarding in the Caribbean Sea in which four-drugs vessels were caught, five suspected drug smugglers arrested, and about 4,000 pounds of cocaine caught with a street value of approximately US$69 million.

“These interdictions indicate teamwork and the consistent resolve between the Coast Guard, federal law enforcement, Department of Defence, and our international partners to protect the territory against the punishment of transnational criminal associations,” stated Cmdr James L Jarnac, Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk commanding officer.


“The crew of Mohawk exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and commitment during the accomplishment of our missions over the last eight weeks, and it remains my pleasure to work with and for them,” Cmdr James L Jarnac, Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk commanding officer, added.

During the patrol, the US Coast Guard announced the Mohawk’s crew worked with various interagency and worldwide maritime patrol aircraft and surface assets “to counter transnational unlawful companies and hinder the illicit flow of drugs, people, and other hazardous cargo into the United States.”

The US Coast Guard stated this includes joint transactions with the Dominican Republic Navy and Panamanian law enforcing officers, “which further encouraged foreign partnerships and to detect, deter, and interdict vessels joined in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Panama.”

On the other hand, A Facebook user commented, “I know drugs are harmful, but that seizer is disappointing. In these challenging times, how can someone make a dollar when their source of income is seized. Covid-19 has stopped so many people from providing for their families.”

However, drugs are not something people should make money out of it. People need to stop exporting and importing drugs. The manufacture of drugs is the initiation of violation of humanity.

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