The unstoppable war of Russia-Ukraine and its key events of 624 days.

624 days of Russia-Ukraine War, deets of losses suffered by both nations

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The ongoing battle between the neighbouring nations of Russia-Ukraine has completed 624 days. The war, which was started as a military exercise, has turned into war and is an ongoing international conflict which began on 24 February 2022.

As the war entered its 624th day, various events took place between both nations during the war which are as follows,

List of Key Events, Day 624


– Ukraine’s emergency service recovered the three bodies from the rubble of a destroyed house as they were killed in Russian attacks on the village of Bagatyr in the eastern Donetsk region.

– Ukrainian officials state that a Liberia-flagged civilian vessel was damaged by a Russian missile as it was entering a Black Sea port in the Odesa region. It resulted in the killing of one and injured four people.

– Oleksandr Kubrakov, who is serving as a Ukraine Infrastructure Minister, added that the vessel was supposed to transport iron ore to China.

– German Galushchenko- Ukrainian Energy Minister, highlighted that Russia had attacked Ukrainian power infrastructure 60 times in the last several weeks.

– Notably, Galushchenko is supposed to visit the United States to discuss ways to save and strengthen the country’s energy network as temperatures drop.

– As per reports, Ukraine has taken responsibility for the assassination of Mikhail Filiponenko, who was a deputy in the Luhansk parliament. He was a Russia-backed member of parliament who lost his life in a car bombing in Eastern Ukraine.

– It is to be noted that the military intelligence agency added that it worked with Luhansk resistance forces in the killing.

– A Russian state news agency named RIA Novosti said that Russia is sending Ukrainian prisoners of war to the front lines of their homeland to fight on Moscow’s side in the war.

Politics and Diplomacy

  • The Group of Seven (G7) held a meeting in Tokyo to reiterate its unwavering support for Ukraine, as they are devoted to supporting Ukraine’s fight for its sovereignty, commitment, and territorial integrity, which will never waver.
  • The foreign ministers of France, Germany, Canada, the UK, Japan, Italy, the European Union and the US forbade China to assist Russia in its war against Ukraine.
  • In a show of support for Kyiv, the European Commission suggested opening formal membership talks with Ukraine as it was a strong and historic step that built the way to a stronger EU and Ukraine as its member.
  • Notably, Russian military courts sentenced two more Ukrainian soldiers who were seized in Mariupol in 2022 and were jailed to 19 and 20 years in prison, respectively, for reportedly shooting civilians in separate incidents.
  • Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were captivated by Russia after the fall of Mariupol, whereas some were sent to Russia and others held in occupied eastern Ukraine.
  • National Security Council spokesman John Kirby gave a statement to the reporters that the US had used almost 96 per cent of the funds it had assigned for Ukraine.


Notably, Ukraine’s parliament has given approval to the law, which allows funds uplifted from income tax and paid by the military personnel, which is supposed to be used to fund arms production and purchase.

The finance ministry expected to raise around 96 billion hryvnias through this initiative.

Although, Slovakia’s new government rejected their previous plan of sending military aid to Ukraine and carried on with their campaign pledge.

It is stated that the previous administration prepared the package, which included,

– More than 5,000 pieces of 125 mm cannon ammunition

– 4 million rounds of small arms ammunition

– 140 KUB air defence system rockets