37-year-old Jerrald Mc Donald dies after drowning in the sea: St Kitts and Nevis

37-year-old Jerrald Mc Donald drowns in the sea and died: St Kitts and Nevis

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After the death of 37 years old, Jerrald Mc Donald was reported on Monday, August 02, 2021, after he died while being on the sea. Now Police has been investigating the situations, and others think those have been surrounding the death of Jerald Mc Donald. The boy who died was from Conaree.

Police, while giving the report of investigation regarding the death case, said that Mc Donald was not alone, he was accompanied by a group of males that went to do tankless spearfishing. Sometime after 7 a.m. Mc Donald went diving and did not resurface.

According to the reports, he drowned and went meters away from the fishing vessel, and when he was found by his group, he was in an unresponsive state. After which, the other companions took him on the shore and called up the authorities.

St Kitts: Ministry of Health released a new update of the COVID-19 situation in St Kitts and Nevis. It also reported the 600 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus out of 48 are active cases out of which no new case has been reported in 24hrs. Till now, 3 deaths have been reported in St Kitts and Nevis due to COVID-19.

No new imported COVID-19 case has been reported in St Kitts and Nevis in the last 14 days. Till now, medical teams have tested 26,306 persons for COVID-19, out of which 600 positive results have been reported, and 25,698 reports have resulted in negative, but still 8 tests are pending.

The health ministry also released the recommendation to prevent the spread of The Novel Corona Virus, in which it says that the virus starts from your hand, so please wash the hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution.

Always Cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or tissue when you sneeze or cough. Dispose of tissue immediately and wash your hand.