Russians escape homeland after voices being suppressed amid Ukraine war

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Not every Russian follows the same ideology as of the Russian Federation and, in return, gets detained for opposing their government for doing military invasion in Ukraine. This is an apparent infringement of the freedom of speech and human rights of the Russians. Is it their fault that they are born in a country who is addicted to gaining power by walking on the path of inhumanity.

Following the injustice being done by Vladimir Putin’s administration, more than 300,000 Russians were forced to flee the European state to ensure their safety as well as their loved ones. A huge number of these people moved to neighbouring countries or where the governments of the countries are ready to take them as refugees.

At the same time, there are a lot of countries that have banned emigrants from Russia, and the reason is the poor diplomacy of the Russian Federation and its military invasion of Ukraine, which has completed 100 days. The invasion was the action taken by the Russian Federation; then, why the citizens who do not have any political contacts or associations are the ones who are ripping what Putin’s regime bowed. The action resulted in the number of sanctions imposed on Russia by countries as well as international agencies.

The authoritarian or dictatorship government is suppressing the voices of those who try to stand against their wrongdoings. The list of injustices against Russians goes a long way as they are denied asylum by several nations amid the reputation created by their country at the international level.

Thousands of Russians came on the streets staging a protest against the government for invading Ukraine and killing innocent civilians, chanting slogans of “no war” and “shame on you”.

The official information shared by the OVD-Info protest monitoring group, nearly 5,300 Russian inhabitants, partook in the protest, of which around 4,366 were arrested by the Russian police authorities from 56 different cities. How a citizen can leave peacefully knowing they are not safe in their own native state. This leads to political pressure on an individual, forcing them to flee the nation.

Among the multiple sanctions comes visa-free travel cancellation for Russian citizens, impacting the business of Russian citizens. Russians are now only allowed to pay a visit to Egypt and Turkey. Their only crime is being Russian. The citizens of the European state wish to leave the nation, but hence under the leadership of Putin, they do not have any options left rather but to stay in the country.

Living in a place where you are not permitted to raise your concern on any issue, the media’s voice is suppressed and has to work under regime control, is a clear violation of human rights and definitely suffocating for an individual.

Getting economic or alternative citizenship of any nation in the world is also problematic for Russians as the governments closed doors of second citizenship for them, particularly amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

Russians and their diaspora is being bullied for the deeds of Putin’s administration.

Vladislav Volkov – a resident of Russia, gave an insight into the situation and stated, “We all are terrified. We sincerely stand against the crimes and dictatorship of Putin. Our voices are being suppressed. We feel we have been abandoned, despite the fact that we stand against the Russian Federation. We are not even able to move to other countries as they have banned us. Why? Because of the dictator Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. We are no more proud of our country and feel ashamed”.

“I am a Russian and do not support Putin’s decision for which we are being punished. We are being arrested. Everybody is talking about the human rights of Ukraine refugees, but what about us? Whose human rights are being violated by the administration of its country – the government who is supposed to take care of us and provide us human rights, that is the one who’s killing it by its’ own hands”, stated the other Russian – Pavel Zelensky.

Zelensky then expressed the helplessness of the Russians and requested the countries to open doors of economic citizenship for them, adding that if they want, they can conduct an in-depth vetted due-diligence procedure and ensure that only honest Russians get dual citizenship.

“If they wish, they can verify and check things such as – our income sources or financial history. We just want justice and not to be cornered by the world”.

Initially, after the European countries, the United States of America and the United Kingdom imposed travel sanctions, it pressured the other nations across the globe to do the same.

The question here arises – should people be judged and punished just for the deeds and decisions made by their country? A question whose answer is well-known by every single person who reads this.


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