Saint Lucia joins international community in commemoration of World Standards Day

Saint Lucia joins international community in commemoration of World Standards Day

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Saint Lucia: In an address to the nation delivered by the Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs, Emma Hippolyte called for the nation to continue to meet global industry and manufacturing standards and improve national quality infrastructure.

“As a Small Island Developing State that wants to affirm its presence and participation on the global stage, we must emphasise standards and our National Quality Infrastructure,” the minister said. “The Government of Saint Lucia has placed the implementation of a national quality policy as a priority on the agenda of our national development strategy. We recognise that while the administrative structure of government can create and implement policy to realise this, our culture must also be reflective of a people who embrace and engender the concept of standards to constantly improve our quality of life. With this global understanding, the theme for this year’s World Standards Day is Shared Vision for a Better World. It is a global call to action, urging all societies and governments to play their part in protecting our beautiful planet and improving the lives and economic prospects.”

The minister elaborated on the importance of a succinct national quality policy infrastructure and the organisational body needed to correctly implement all aspects.

“The following components characterise a good national quality infrastructure: standards, quality promotions, conformity assessment (which includes testing, calibration, certification and inspection), accreditation, and metrology,” she said. “The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards, in its mission to contribute to the advancement of the national economy, support sustainable development, promote the health and safety of consumers, protect the environment and facilitate trade, has been tasked with the management of the national quality infrastructure. To achieve this, the pillars of our quality infrastructure are strengthened through the work of the SLBS.”

World Standards Day is recognised annually on October 14.