Royal Navy showcases cutting-edge warship, HMS Dauntless

Royal Navy showcases cutting-edge warship, HMS Dauntless

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The world’s most advanced warship has been introduced to the world by the Facebook page named Royal Navy. As per the update, HMS Dauntless can be termed as one of the advanced warships.

The update noted that HMS Dauntless linked up with the USS Winston-S Churchill as both ships patrolled the Caribbean.

The update has informed that the RN vessel has been conducting counter-narcotic operations in the region, working hand-in-hand with US authorities to prevent the smuggling of illegal drugs from the Americas to the USA and Europe.

And the Churchill is one of ten destroyers operating out of Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida, which is also a useful base for Dauntless (and other RN vessels) when operating in the Americas/Caribbean region, as per the update by the Royal Navy.

Each warship was hailed by the media as the most advanced in the world when she entered service (2001 for the Arleigh Burke destroyer, 2010 for the British Type 45).

As well as having the rare distinction of being named after a Briton – due to his status as a great wartime leader and friend of the US (and honorary US citizen) – the US Navy destroyer has a Royal Navy navigator permanently assigned.

The two vessels conducted combined day/night Officer of the Watch training: namely practising tactical communications and ship manoeuvres.

Beyond working with US authorities (including the Coast Guard) in the international fight against drug trafficking, Dauntless is in the region to support and reassure inhabitants of British Overseas Territories and provide disaster relief assistance during the hurricane season (which runs until the end of November).