PM Skerrit shares update on major development projects in Dominica in Annou Pale

PM Skerrit shares update on major development projects in Dominica in Annou Pale

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Roseau: Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, in the latest episode of Annou Pale on March 13, 2022 (Sunday), shared an update on the latest government development and outlined the progressive policies implemented for the people.

While expressing his pleasure on the development project, PM Skerrit noted, “As prime minister and minister of finance, it has brought me great joy and satisfaction to launch two facilities at the AID bank, which will create significant economic opportunity for Dominicans of all walks of life in every part of the island.”

He further outlined the policies adopted for the business and mentioned that the two policies are designed to boost business activity and provide beneficiaries with the means to improve their personal circumstances and contribute to national development.

Further, Prime Minister Skerrit also informed about the procedure and the requirement to access the funds by inviting the General Manager of Aid Bank – Marie Therese Johnson, who provided details about the two loan facilities, MSMEs and Kalinago, at the AID bank.

While highlighting the MSMEs loan facility, Johnson stated that MSMEs, as the name suggests, it’s catered to a business involved in commercial activity with an annual turnover of less than two million sixteen thousand one hundred and fifty dollars business must be ready for social security and the Inland Revenue division.

Johnson further explained the terms of the requirement for the Kalinago Development Fund and stated that it is to assist the Kalinago people financially.

PM Skerrit further had an interactive session with the Minister of Environment, Rural Modernization, Upliftment – Cozier Frederick. PM and Minister of Environment discussed the Kalinago Development Fund.

Frederick expressed pleasure to represent the Kalinago community and mentioned that it was a victory for the Kalinago community. While providing a brief about the benefits of the Kalinago Development Fund, Frederick stated, “The folks of people will be financially benefitted without the rigours of providing collateral and so will be able to develop their enterprises.”

“The folks have been very progressive; they have taken small loans from commercial banks even at very high-interest rates and now just imagine they can have the facility to get finance at just two percent, which is very excited,” he added.