PM Keith Rowley addresses nation on occasion of Christmas

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Prime Minister Keith Rowley extended Christmas greetings 2023 to all the families from the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on December 25.

PM Rowley expressed his delight in witnessing the people of various faiths joining together with billions of Christians around the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

He called this moment one of the laudable aspects of life in Trinidad and Tobago.

Further on, the prime minister demonstrated his happiness as the people transcended and interconnected as brothers and sisters of one species, the human race, by reconciling their religious and secular differences.

PM Rowley also shared one of the writings of The Apostle Paul, who was one of the most influential leaders of the early Christian church.

His writings on spiritual growth tell of God’s glorious and unlimited resources, from which we all could be empowered with inner strength, but he advises that first, we must allow Christ to have a home in our hearts.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago raised his concern to see that people are forgetting the practice of fraternity and humanity is no longer across the globe. Due to this, the world is moving forward with the same relentless intensity that people witnessed during the two world wars.

“Looking across the globe, we may see a broken humanity, one that may have gone mad. The “Killing fields” of two world wars in the 20th century have now re-appeared, in our lifetime, with the same relentless intensity”, he stated.

Notably, PM Rowley lauded his people’s efforts, which showed their kindness, true character, true faith, and deep love and especially described what family life means and their own life’s purpose.

He also urged people to build on these values, particularly that of family life, which he believed was the key to their seemingly intractable social issues.

It is to be added in the Prime Minister’s remarks that from prenatal care for mothers to preschool to vocational and tertiary education for students, Trinidad and Tobago is a land of opportunity.

Notably, the country has provisions for the employed, under-employed, and unemployed, as well as social care for the elderly.

He added, “As citizens, we have much to be thankful for. As a people, we have, and continue to distribute the benefits of our natural resources prudently, spreading it as widely and evenly as possible.”

While recognising the Holy mystery of Christ, PM Rowley urged people to celebrate the cherished customs of the season by the parang, the lights, candles and trees and hopefully a renewed focus on their family life.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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