PM Gaston Browne addresses key investment areas between Antigua and China

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Antigua and Barbuda: Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, was the essential spokesperson at the China- Antigua and Barbuda Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum. It is to be noted that the forum was hosted on 23rd January in Beijing, China. It was hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. 

PM Gaston Browne identified ten areas for investment during his remarks at the forum. The areas include agriculture, education, transportation and medical care.


The forum was attended by over one hundred Chinese business representatives from various fields including food, agriculture, green energy, artificial intelligence, aviation, tourism, trade, finance, electric vehicles, infrastructure and tourism.

While addressing the business representatives, PM Browne said, “China is a big shipping country, and we hope to expand cooperation in the shipping industry and attract related investments from China.”

He also shed light on the electric vehicles of China and stated that they are very competitive in terms of price and quality. Therefore, there are several opportunities for China to expand exports to Antigua and Barbuda.

Currently, China produces many goods for Antigua and Barbuda, which pass through the nation’s ports and the reduction of intermediaries will benefit the country a lot. It will not only enhance price competitiveness but also benefit the citizens of the nation.

PM Gaston Browne also extended a welcome to Chinese tourists to visit the twin-island nation for a leisurely vacation and enjoy the island’s lifestyle.

PM Browne also mentioned that the nation is negotiating with relevant countries on increasing direct flights. They are hoping that this negotiation will offer more direct flight routes for the benefit and convenience of international visitors.

PM Browne also talked about the developments made by China and stated that the country not only benefits their residents but also it also serves as a helping hand for developing nations to accelerate their economies and contribute to the 2030 goals of the United Nations.

Notably, China and Antigua and Barbuda marked the 41st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, which have continued to bring progress and prosperity to both nations.

The Prime Minister stated that the twin-island nation considers China to be a crucial international partner. He also added that the cooperative system between both nations is a model for cooperation between large and small nations all over the world. The leader of Antigua and Barbuda appreciates China for its promotion of a foreign policy of equality for all countries, big or small.

“There is a gap between both the nations in terms of its population and land area, among others; our two sides have deepened practical cooperation, closely coordinated and cooperated, and benefited our peoples with tangible cooperation results,” said PM Gaston Browne.

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