Meet Kilo: The Rescued Dog stealing hearts on Saint Lucia's social media

Meet Kilo: The Rescued Dog stealing hearts on Saint Lucia’s social media

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Saint Lucia: A Charitable Organization of Saint Lucia – Helpaws has recently introduced a dog named Kilo on their official social media handle. The organization has shared the story of Kilo with the residents of Saint Lucia on his behalf.

The officials from Helpaws wrote, “Hi, I’m Kilo, my siblings and I were abandoned near a school filled with children. We tried to befriend and play with them, but they chased us away and said that the bugs we had on us made them itch.”

The story continued and noted that “We stayed there for a while watching them as they passed by laughing at us wishing we could be taken away. We were scared we were going to be taken away and dumped on the street, but thankfully someone loving showed up one day and rescued us.”

“We were obviously scared at first, and after what felt like forever, we arrived in some place filled with other animals like us. They all looked so happy and cheerful, but I really wasn’t sure about all of this just yet.”

Furthermore, the story highlights Kilo’s stay at Helpaws, which states, “They gave us our own private room with food, water, and even blankets which helped us settle down. My siblings were already getting used to this new life but I? Nahhh, not just yet. I planned on giving it some time.”

Over the next few weeks, my point of view began to change. This place wasn’t so bad. I became comfortable and began putting on some happy weight. I started really enjoying being outdoors, lying on the warm grass while the sun hit my face. I enjoy giving out handshakes to people and fur pals to make everyone feel as welcome as I felt when I entered through those doors.

Over time I was sent to someone where I got a lot of attention and began to learn stuff I didn’t even know I could. I can sit, fetch, roll over and even go in a downward position on command! Are you impressed yet? (Make sure you have some treats, though).

I am besties with a young little Homan, which is what I had longed for even before this new life. Safe to say, my dream has almost come true. I just need to find my forever person.

I enjoy long walks with my foster sibling, and even though it was a rough start, I’ve already got that down. I’ve seen so many new things, met so many new people, I have even acclimated to this new country!

But I’m still not whole. I’ve been searching for my forever family since I’ve been here and have had no luck.