Three athletes won award for their performance from North Leeward Sports and Culture Organisation. Picture Credits: Fb account of Team Mustangs Track Club

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Three athletes were bestowed with trophies for their excellent performances from the North Leeward Sports and Culture Organisation (NLSCO) in the track and field.

The athletes named as,

  • Ajay Delpesche he was recognized as the Junior Male Athlete of the Year
  • Zekisha Kelly was awarded as the Junior female athlete of the year
  • Teia Laborde won the award for the Senior Female Athlete of the year

Ajay Delpesche –

Delpesche won various events, namely:

  • Senior champ at Petit Bordel Secondary School, his old school
  • Senior Champion and Victor Ludorum at ISSAC
  • Senior Champ at All Leewards Athletics Championship

He participated in the CARIFTA standard in the 100m race and also raced twice in the NACAC in the 400m standard race.

Moreover, Delpesche went to Grenada for WHITSUDTIDE games with his club.

– In fact, he even travelled to the COMMONWEALTH Youth Games and the NACAC under 18 with the national team.

He created a new competitive record for his Troumaca Secondary School, the current school of Delpesche, by leading them towards a victory in the ISSAC Cross Country Road Relay.

Zekisha Kelly-

The events won by Kelly-

– Double intermediate champion at Troumaca Secondary School

– She broke the four records by winning the double ISSAC intermediate champion

– She is also holding the record of 1500m in CARIFTA standard

– She also won the Round De Town Road Relay

– Furthermore, she has won double ISSAC Cross Country Champion too.

She also travelled to Grenada for the WHITSUNTIDE Games, where she bagged many awards individually as well as in a team.

Her first national outing was to Grenada, where she went to the WINDWARD ISLAND School for the games.

Teia Laborde-

Laborde’s achievements includes:

  • Laborde was undefeatable in the 100m and 200m races in the entire season.
  • She also bagged gold medals in the 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m at the SVGCC Athletics Championship.
  • She achieved double gold medals in the TASVG National Championship for the 100m and 200m races as well as she created a new record by winning the 200m race.

She also went to Grenada for the WHITSUNTIDE Games, and she won many medals such as:

– Silver medal for the 100m race

– Gold medal in 200m open race

– Silver medal for the 400m race

Laborde represented her country in Venezuela at the historic Alba Games.

She even received several awards at SVGCC Sports Awards in many categories.

The categories are-

– Track athlete of the year

– Female athlete of the year

– Top Female Track Athlete