Jamaica records 223 murders since beginning of 2024 & 31 last week, JCF reports

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Kingston, Jamaica: The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has released its crime report for this year, which shows that the nation has reported 31 murders, last week. The report has been published on Sunday.

According to the crime report, a week ago, the murder ratio was 192; however, now the murder ratio in the country is 223. As a matter of concern, the country counted a total of 252 murders during last year till March 16, 2023. 


The nation has recorded a decline as the ratio represented 29 fewer homicides during the period under the review in 2024. 

While the country recorded the largest weekly increase (31) in murders since the beginning of the year, murders declined by 12 per cent compared to the same period in 2023.

The JCF reports further revealed that the island tally rose to 192 from March 2-9, 2024, as the week saw a total of 19 murders.

Reported murder rate in Divisions

– The police division of St James recorded the highest number of homicides. The division is considered one of those 19 most murderous divisions. The officials reported 30 homicides. However, there is a decline of 17 per cent in such crimes as compared to the previous year.

– The division is followed by several other divisions, such as St Catherine South, which recorded 22 murders, St Andrew South counted 20 murders; Westmoreland reported a total of 20 homicides, and St Andrew Central noted 17 murders.

– These divisions are recognised as the top five with the most cases of homicides recorded.

– Moreover, Westmoreland Police Station had six murders during the last week.

– St Catherine South reported seven murders.

According to the JCF Crime Report, five of these murders occurred in less than 24 hours in the Central Village community. In the community, two houses were set on fire in two separate incidents, killing five residents. The deceased included three women and a toddler.

Unfortunately, the shootings have increased by up to one per cent and wounded persons with two more incidents. However, there is a decline in rape, robberies and break-ins by Forty-two, five and sixteen per cent, respectively.

Additionally, a new police commissioner, Kevin Blake, will take the reins on Tuesday. He is considered as Jamaica’s 15th top cop. He ensures that every effort and measure should be taken to curb the problem of criminal activities in the country. 

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