interCaribbean Airways introduces ATR 72 turboprop for enhanced comfort and sustainability

interCaribbean Airways introduces ATR 72 turboprop for enhanced comfort and sustainability

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Caribbean: The first turboprop aircraft – ATR 72 has been introduced by interCaribbean Airways. It has been reported that the airways was thrilled to announce this new deployment.

As per the reports, this highly anticipated flight will feature around 68 seats. It also promises to bring together comfort, modernity and sustainability. The ATR 72 was deployed in the Southern Caribbean and is the 10th ATR aircraft that will be incorporated in 2024 by the airways. It is to be noted that through this deployment, InterCaribbean Airways will fulfil its promise to commission modern and newer aiplanes.

It is noted that airways have always worked to improve the experience of the passengers through modern airplanes. Reportedly, this airplane has been inaugurated “Captain H Williams” in honour of long-serving Captain Harold Williams. The 68-seated aircraft is known to be one of the best turboprop aircraft and provides short-field performance for an aircraft of such a size.

Quietness is one of the impressive standout features of the ATR 72. The Airways has proudly claimed that it will remain committed to sustainability, highlighting that the airplane also shines as an environmentally friendly addition to regional travel.

As per the update shared by InterCaribbean Airways, this airplane will emit less than 50 percent of carbon dioxide per passenger-kilometre (in comparison to the competitors). The Airways has claimed the aircraft is dedicated to preserving and protecting the beauty of Caribbean islands, minimizing the carbon footprint.

Lyndon Gardiner, founder and chairman of interCaribbean Airways, also showed his excitement about this outstanding ATR 72. He mentioned, “We are immensely proud to introduce an aircraft that not only addresses capacity but also redefines travel comfort.”

He added, “By doing so, interCaribbean Airways aims to ensure that our passengers consistently arrive on time and with peace of mind. We are excited to witness the positive impact this aircraft will have on our customers travelling in the region.”

intercaribbean Airways reaffirmed that it will stay committed and will work hard to become a premier choice for regional travel. It additionally assured that the Airways will be driven by a pursuit of innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.