India criticizes China's objection to Amit Shah's visit to Arunachal Pradesh
India criticizes China's objection to Amit Shah's visit to Arunachal Pradesh || Picture Courtesy: Google

India: The state “was, is, and will” always be an integral and inalienable part of India, according to India, which vehemently rejected China’s objections to Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh. Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for the External Affairs Ministry, claimed that opposing such visits is unreasonable and won’t alter the truth.

The ambitious “Vibrant Villages Programme,” which aims to raise the standard of living for residents in villages in frontier areas, was unveiled by the home minister on Monday while he was in Arunachal Pradesh.

“We vehemently disagree with the statements made by the spokesperson for the Chinese government. As with any other Indian state, Indian leaders frequently visit Arunachal Pradesh, according to Bagchi.

“Arunachal Pradesh has always been and always will be, a vital and intrinsic component of India. Objecting to such visits is unreasonable and will not alter the aforementioned truth,” he said.

In response to media inquiries, Bagchi discussed how China had reacted to Shah’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

On Monday, Shah said from a border village in Arunachal Pradesh that no one could dare threaten India’s territorial integrity and intrude even an “inch of our land” in a direct message to China.

He claimed that the day when anyone could infringe on India’s borders was over.

Days before the home minister’s statement, Beijing had given Chinese names to 11 locations in Arunachal Pradesh that it claims are in the “southern part of Tibet.”

When asked about Shah’s visit, Wang Wenbin, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, responded, “Zangnan (the Chinese name for Arunachal Pradesh) is part of China’s territory.”

“The senior Indian official’s actions in Zangnan infringe China’s territorial sovereignty and are detrimental to tranquilly and peace in the border regions. We are categorically opposed to this, he declared at a media briefing in Beijing.