Guyana: Minister of Health meets Health Sciences Division of the Ministry, Coursera Platform

Guyana: Minister of Health meets Health Sciences Division of the Ministry, Coursera Platform

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Guyana has shared an update regarding the recent meeting of the Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony and a delegation from the Health Sciences Division of the Ministry of Health and the Coursera Platform. The meeting was held on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

The team is currently in Guyana to discuss and train the relevant personnel on the use of the platform as the MOH prepares to launch its first hybrid nursing professional programme, according to the social media post by the ministry.

While wishing the first batch well, Dr Anthony stressed the importance of generating and producing the content in a way that is accessible and enjoyable to study for students.

“I know we spend a lot of time talking around the issue or trying to explain the issue, but the modern way is to respect people’s time and get to the point, so to speak, and be able to communicate that in a way that people can understand. And if they want more information, go to the resource material that you have”, Dr Anthony said.

Minister Anthony further stated that if this platform is successful in delivering the Registered Nursing Programme, the ministry will adapt to have all of the MOH’s programmes delivered on the same platform.

“You’ll be learning a lot as we go through this process, but what you learn here, we’ll transfer to our other programmes in the ministry’s training division. We probably have about 18 different programmes, and if we master this, you will be the core people who can help us put all those other programmes on there,” Dr Anthony stated.

The MOH has recently advertised on its social media platforms inviting applicants to pursue their dream of becoming a nurse. The application forms can be filled out via our online portal; click the link below to access them:

HSE Student Application Form (

The application form can also be downloaded from the Ministry of Health’s website:…/Application_Form-Health