Guyana: BIT block-making programme to benefit residents of Leopold Street, says Labour Ministry

Guyana: BIT block-making programme to benefit residents of Leopold Street, says Labour Ministry

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Guyana: Ministry of Labour has informed that the residents of Leopold street, located in Central Georgetown, will soon be benefitting from the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) block-making programme, enabling them to contribute to the housing development program under the Ministry of Housing.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Labour, Board of Industrial Training (BIT) and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Guyana Police Force (GPF).

Kickstarting the collaboration, a meeting was held on November 30, 2022, in the Ministry of Labour Boardroom between Joseph Hamilton, Minister of Labour, Robeson Benn, Minister of Home Affairs, Commissioner of Police (AG), Clifton Hicken, CEO of the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), Richard Maughn and a few residents of Leopold street, among other officials.

Minister Hamilton, in brief remarks, stated that the upcoming project is consistent with the Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) signed earlier this year between the Ministry and GPF to increase training and reskilling of young people in vulnerable communities in Guyana, which also caters to training opportunities for retired police personnel.

He noted that a recent visit made by Mohammed Irfaan Ali to the community last week highlighted the need for a development programme that will build the community, which also served the directive of the labour ministry.

He also suggested that the residents, once they complete the proposed technical and vocational programmes offered, their chances of becoming entrepreneurs or employed will be better.

Minister Benn thanked the residents for attending the meeting, which demonstrated their seriousness about being equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be employed. He also pointed out that the country’s development is on the rise, and as such, people must utilize every opportunity given to them to get involved in emerging industries. The Home Affairs minister also demanded that females residing in the area get involved in this initiative, as it seeks to improve their livelihoods as promised by the PPP/C Administration.

Commissioner of Police (AG) Clifton Hicken, in the meeting, pledged support from the Guyana Police Force in terms of transportation, food, and other amenities to ensure they attend the programs being offered to them. He also encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunity before them to change their lives for the better.