Falmouth police discovers Haskell pistol, ammunition in Litchfield

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Kingston, Jamaica: The police officers from Falmouth recovered a Haskell pistol and ammunition in Litchfield on Wednesday. They arrested a male suspect in connection to the findings. 

According to the police report, the name of the accused has not been revealed yet. It has been said that the officers were conducting an anti-crime exercise in the various districts of the country. 

At about 6:45 am on Wednesday, the Falmouth police officials headed towards the Litchfield at Wait-a-Bit in Trelawny. While searching the premises, they found a white plastic bag which looked suspicious to them. 

When the investigating officers opened the plastic bag, they discovered a 45mm Haskell pistol and four 45mm rounds of ammunition, which were wrapped in the bag. They took the items to the police division and began their investigation for the suspect, which led to the arrest of a man. 

The accused was immediately taken to the police custody. His identity was not revealed by the officers as it is being withheld pending further investigations, and his court date has yet to be finalised. 

About Haskell Pistol

The Haskell Pistol was designed by George A Haskell in the 19th Century. It is also known as Automatic Pistol because it is considered as the one of the earliest semi-automatic pistols, which was used for gas-operated action. 

This pistol is easy to carry as it has compact size and a sleek profile. It was introduced in 1893, but it has faced several problems in the market. Even though the gun was innovative weapon, it has issues with reliability and also struggled against other competitors in the market. 

The complex design of the gun and high manufacturing costs meant that the weapon was not adopted by many. Other manufacturers also came up with their own versions of semi-automatic pistols, which were more reliable and had better features, thus making the Haskell Pistol obsolete. 

Additionally, with the rising rate of criminal activities and the discovery of illegal firearms and ammunition in Jamaica, the authorities are taking steps to combat the problem by conducting an anti-crime exercise in the nation. 

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