Deputy PM Hillarie apprises about Tourism Competitiveness Project in his week update

Deputy PM Hillarie apprises about Tourism Competitiveness Project in his week update

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St Lucia: “The hard work continues,” says MP for Castries South and Member of Cabinet and Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia – Ernest Hillarie, as he shared information about the week’s development on March 21, 2022.

Deputy Prime Minister, while sharing an update about the first day of the week, started, “Mondays are interesting, especially when it involves discussions, which focus on critical issues facing our national development. Last week was no different. We are continuing to find ways to put people first, notwithstanding our limited finances. I invite you to look forward to the Estimates and Budget Debates.”

While stating about Tuesday, the minister stated, “The next day was a hugely successful day! The day started with a scheduled attendance at a consultation with stakeholders as we looked to review and revise the concessions and incentives framework for the tourism industry. The plan is to adopt a new Tourism Development Act that modernizes and encourages growth in the industry to the benefit of more stakeholders, existing and budding, and fostering a new direction. Unfortunately, I could not stay the entire day as I had an important legal appearance to make. Details will be made very soon. In the evening, I was thoroughly engaged in negotiations for new investments for the Ports and Bananes Bay. I am eagerly looking forward to commencing the implementation of works that will transform Castries South. Believe me! Finally, on a long day, I attended a public discussion at the Ciceron Secondary School hosted by the Castries South Women’s Group in celebration of Women’s Month.”

While informing about the next day, Deputy PM asserted, “Wednesday was another constituency day with a difference. I had the pleasure of undertaking a tour of the constituency to identify crown lands that can be used for housing or lands that are presently occupied and can be sold to the occupiers. I believe that ownership of lands can transform the lives of families and generations to come. Castries South has some serious land issues, especially in Banane, Morne La Toc, Goodlands and Tunnel Road area. These issues will be addressed soon. After the constituency day, I had the pleasure of launching ‘Collection de Pépites’ ( pronounced Pay Pit), a new marketing drive to promote our smaller properties in Saint Lucia by making them more visible and known. They’re truly gems in our accommodation offerings, and they need to be highlighted.”

He further added, “Thursday was another long and exciting day. I had two meetings with investors looking to expand their present properties, which will add substantially more rooms and offerings to our accommodation stock. Thus creating more employment and economic activity. Another investment meeting was held, which will add another service to our hospitality sector. The day ended with a meeting with the Senior Minister discussing outstanding planning matters.”

About Friday, he mentioned, “Friday was another interesting day. I was pleased to receive architectural designs for a number of projects under the Tourism Competitiveness Project and Community Tourism Programme. I was inspired by what I saw and more determined to work for the transformation of the tourism industry and, indeed, Castries South. On Friday, I also participated in a meeting with Cabot developers together with the Senior Minister and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism. We are going to continue to maintain our commitment to the people of Saint Lucia by ensuring that development projects are in the best interest of the people and country and are implemented within the laws and approvals granted by the Government.”

“Saturday was spent between airport duties and spending time in my constituency. I was pleased to learn that there were over 2000 arrivals. Surely, it is a good sign for the industry,” Deputy PM Hillarie concluded his week’s working.

MP for Castries South further outlined that the government will work hard to transform St Lucia and Castries.

“The hard work continues to transform our country and Castries South. It is never easy, but I am committed to hard work. That’s what makes me tick. I know that there are so many constituents who want to see me every day; there are those who want to help ensure that they can meet their daily needs and those who just miss the time hanging out and liming. Rest assured, by continuing to put you first, Saint Lucia and your lives will be better with the Saint Lucia Labour Party Administration,” he was quoted as while concluding.