Covid vaccine certificates no longer mandatory in Malta from Feb 7

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Malta: From February 7, Monday, the COVID-19 vaccine certificate will be no longer needed in the restaurants and snack bars or każini, according to the information shared by the Government of Malta.

However, vaccination certificate is still mandatory at some of the places.

This new implementation came after Malta decided to remove the compulsory presentation of the vaccine certificate in the public places like restaurants.

As a development, as of February 14, Monday, the compulsion to present vaccine certificates in bars, gyms and pools will also be scrapped.

This major announcement was made by Minister of Health Chis Fearne, around a week ago. At that time, health minister also claimed that village feasts and festivals will also return to the country.

The vaccine certificate was compulsory only from a week before it was scrapped by the government. Health Minister Fearne said that the authorities scrapped the rules under the “scientific criteria”.

To date, the vaccine certificates are compulsory in the sports events, casinos, night clubs as well as for travelling, authorities have not finalised any date for scrapping the certificates from about events.

COVID-19 in Malta:-

As of February 7, Malta reported around 175 new COVID cases in last 24 hours, as per the announcement by the health authorities.

Only one person was succumbed to the virus, whereas, 236 were recovered and discharged from the hospital. So far number of deaths in the island country has reached up to 570.

Since the pandemic has begun, the number of active cases is 2,331 and around 90 patients have been admitted to the hospital, of these five have been receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Till yesterday, around 1,222,529 vaccination doses have been administrated to the people of Malta, out of the total, 334,488 are the booster doses.