BWA: St Michael, St George experience water outages due to electrical malfunction

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Bridgetown, Barbados: The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) reported that an electrical supply issue caused water outages in St Michael and St George. The supply is currently offline. 

According to the sources, while the repairs are underway, the residents of the above-mentioned region may experience water interruptions, such as low water pressure or a discontinued water supply.

Areas affected by the disruption of water in St Michael are as follows,

– Lower Estate

– Storey Gap

– Eden Lodge

– Hothersal Turning

– Jackman 

– White Hall

– Green Hill

According to BWA, Flat Rock and surrounding areas may face water issues in St Goerge. The authorities further added that residents will receive assistance via tanker as a temporary measure to deal with the problem. 

Notably, Barbados Water Authority took to their official social media handle (Facebook) to share the water disruption update in the said areas. 

“The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) wishes to update that its St. Michael station is back online. Customers in the distribution system affected by water outages or low pressure due to the facility being offline can expect the water pressure in their areas to gradually return to normal.
The BWA will continue to assist residents of any areas still impacted via water tanker as a temporary measure. The Authority thanks its customers for their patience and understanding”, remarked BWA.

Additionally, the effects of the water supply disruptions have been noted across a wide range of areas apart from St Michael and St George, as many residents of surrounding areas are also experiencing the same problem. 

Electrical malfunctions or system failures can be warning signs of water damage to wiring. Infiltrated water can cause sparks, short circuits and even full system failure. 

Moreover, the subsequent effects of water shortages can range from food insecurity to increased human conflicts, marking the importance of protecting global water resources and using them sustainably. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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