Barbados: Applicants invited to participate in Diplomat for day competition

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Ministry of Youth Affairs of Barbados invited the citizens to participate in a Diplomat for a Day competition. It is to be noted that the British High Commission is collaborating with the High Commission of Canada for the Diplomat for a Day competition to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024.

“Diplomatic for a Day” is an annual contest organised by the British and Canadian high commissions to mark International Women’s Day on 8th March 2024. Notably, the competition is being held for young people who are aspiring to join the diplomatic services.

Moreover, the eligibility criteria for the competition have also been shared by the Ministry of Youth Affairs. The condition includes,

  • A person needs to be a citizen of Barbados.
  • The applicant should be 16-24 years old.
  • The applicants should be available to participate in Pre-International Women’s Day learning sessions in February.
  • The applicants should be available to participate in activities on International Women’s Day-8th March 2024.
  • The consent letter should be signed by a guardian or parents. It is for the applicants who are under the age of 18 years old.

They have also shared the steps of how an applicant can apply for a competition. The steps to get themselves registered for a competition include:

  • The applicant has to record a one-minute original video responding to “If you were diplomat for a day, what activity would you carry out to inspire inclusion among Barbadian youth.”
  • The applicant can also get themselves registered by visiting the website
  • The applicant either has to upload their video or a photo.
  • The deadline to complete the application form in its entirety is by 4th February 2024.

The competition will be held under the theme “Inspire Inclusion.” Also, in case of any query, the applicants can seek information from Instagram accounts @UKinCaribbean & @CanadaBarbad and Twitter accounts @UKinCaribbean & @CanHCBarbados

It is to be further added that the British High Commission and the High Commission of Canada view this initiative as a great opportunity for cross-cultural engagement, transfer of knowledge and networking for young individuals. This competition is being held with an aim to promote gender equality by opening the competition to young people in all their diversity.

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