31-year-old Jamaica’s woman charged for abduction of child

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Kingston, Jamaica: A 31-year-old woman security guard was arrested and charged by the police department under the acquisition of abduction of a child from West Guango Crescent in Kingston on Tuesday, 16th April 2024. 

The suspect has been identified as Saskia Aaron who is a security guard of Mona Common, Kingston 7. As per the reports shared by the authorities, when the guardian of the child went to the institute to pick up the kid, he was informed that the kid had already gone with somebody.

According to the details, Aaron collected the child without seeking the permission from parents. The reports revealed that the mother was aware of the person who took her child, and on the basis of suspicion, she approached the suspect. 

Subsequently, the mother met at Waltham Park Road where they both got involved in a confrontation in an effort to save her child. Finally, the mother took the kid and jumped from the vehicle of the suspect

The case was reported to the police officers and they took immediate action and conducted a thorough investigation into the matter. While conducting the search, the officers stopped the vehicle of Aaron and took the suspect into custody where she was charged with the offence. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and opinions on the incident. 

One person commented “It is so disgusting that these people are involving children as well in such stupid tactics. Thank God the kid is safe and is with the parents currently. Officers should do something in order to protect these little kids.”

Another person commented the following “It is actually getting too much; strict actions need to be taken to stop criminal activities. Where are authorities sleeping.”

The residents of Jamaica have requested the administration of the nation to implement strict measures and policies with the motive to stop the crime activities occurring in the country. 

The authorities have also ensured that they are continuously conducting operations, ensuring the safety and security of every citizen. 

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