Discover Dominica invites tourists to enjoy summer in Nature Island

Discover Dominica invites tourists to enjoy summer in Nature Island

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Roseau, Dominica: The Discover Dominica Authority is inviting travel enthusiasts and tourists to come to the shores of the nation and enjoy summers at the mesmerising and beautiful beaches. It has outlined that the experience in the summer season in Dominica is unmatched.

While elaborating on the ‘summer vibes,’ the tourism authority of the Commonwealth of Dominica outlined, “There’s nothing quite like escaping for the summer to Dominica. Live your best for summer 2023 in the tropics for an unmatched island adventure!”

In addition to this, Discover Dominica shed light on the airline’s facility provided by American Airlines on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. As per the update, the flights will fly directly from Miami, United States of America, to the Nature Island of the Caribbean Region – Dominica.

The social media post by the Authority mentioned, “Plus, catch a direct flight to The Nature Island on American Airlines on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays direct from Miami!”

It is worth mentioning that the connectivity to Dominica will be increased in a few months as the government has announced the commencement of the construction work for the International Airport of Dominica. It is anticipated that this new project will contribute towards the increase in tourism.

The Caribbean region, especially eye-pleasing island nations like the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an ideal location for tourists and travel enthusiasts to visit and enjoy in the summer season. The nation experiences major tourist footfall during the peak summer months, from June to August.

The mountainous island nation of Dominica is a choice because of its suitable and attractive location in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The nation is renowned as the nature island of the Caribbean because of the presence of a dramatic volcanic landscape, tropical rainforests, hot springs, waterfalls, gorges and lakes.

The nation is home to unique flora and fauna. It is worth noting that the island is home to two such species of parrot, which can only be found in Dominica. The island country also has the world’s second-largest natural hot spring – the boiling lake, which is one of the prominent tourist attractions.

Some of the other tourist attractions can be:

Morne Trois Pitons National Park
Boiling Lake
Titou Gorge
Middleham Falls
Emerald Pool
Morne Diablotins National Park