St Kitts and Nevis is organising Youth Caravan Tour. Picture Credits: Fb account of St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment

Youth Caravan Tour 2023 to flourish young minds’ opinions

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The Minister of Youth Empowerment will lead the Youth Caravan Tour 2023, to be hosted by the St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment at Cuna Conference Room. The event will take place between 9:00 am – 12:30 pm.

The purpose behind this Youth Forum is to ensure that the nation’s youth can express its opinions. The Youth Forum will take a new approach that will give young people more opportunities to pursue their goals and approach their lives with freedom and options.

Youth forums are excellent platforms for the young generation as they ensure that the needs of the young people are addressed and met by society, allowing them to make the best of what the nation has to offer.

By actively participating in youth forums, young people can influence policies and decisions that could shape their future for generations to come.

For the Youth Month 2023, the Forum is adopting a fresh approach, which will look to provide even more opportunities to empower the youth and create a better future altogether.

The Tour Dates for Minister’s Youth Caravan 2023

14th Nov: A visit has been scheduled to Basseterre High School and Washington Archibald High School.

15th Nov: The tour will also go to Cayon High School and Saddlers Secondary School.

16th Nov: As per the schedule, they will make a visit to Charles E Mills Secondary and Verchilds High School.

17th Nov: Minister’s Youth Forum, main event.

Theme of the Minister’s Youth Caravan 2023

The theme under which this event is being held is “Youth work for environmental sustainability”.  It means promoting and formulating policies for the benefit of future generations, ensuring that developmental objectives are aligned with environmental sustainability.

This event will play a huge role in acknowledging the importance of youth in various ways:

The young blood of the generation is filled with creative and innovative ideas which will help a lot in enhancing and shaping a better future of the nation.

Empowering the youth of the nation is one of the most important steps in leading the nation towards sustained development in different fields.

By taking such initiatives, governmental bodies are facilitating the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators and investors. In this manner, the nation is likely to progress into the future with a populace that possesses a more diverse skill set.

The power of today’s youth can be gleaned from the fact that newer generations do not wish to sit back and work with what is available to then, but want to build better opportunities for themselves.

Such steps by the government prove that they are making a concerted effort to use the resources available to them so as to build better opportunities for the young generation of today, as well as build a platform for the generations which will follow them.

In this way, the country is making an attempt to set up systems which automatically serve this purpose by bringing the youth together and taking their immediate concerns into account.