Norway: Brides Wear Crowns to Deflect Evil Spirits. (Credits: Shelley Bell - Independent Celebrant, Facebook)

Wearing wedding crown to deflect evil spirit in Norway

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In Norway, brides wear ‘Crowns’ to deflect evil spirits. The crown on a woman’s head reflects her beauty. But can anyone imagine that the same crown also drives away evil spirits?

In this Nordic country, one may find unique wedding rituals and weird customs. At the wedding, the bride will wear a crown with her wedding dress, something that is a treasured family inheritance. 

It is to be noted that in the opinion of many Norwegians, it is believed that the bridal crown traditionally was and is a symbol of purity. It also shows the status of the bride’s family. 

This wedding ritual is so important that some churches rent out their wedding crowns while the wealthier families have their own crowns to share with their family members. The headgear is called a ‘Brudekrone.’

Considering the culture, the bride wears an ornate silver and gold crown that has small charms hanging around it, along with light-reflecting crystals. These charms in the crown make a tinkling sound when the bride moves her head.

It is believed that the sounds deflect evil spirits and protect her from their effects and harm. This tradition ensures that nothing spoils the bride’s happiness. The crown on the bride’s head symbolises her beauty, purity and the Virgin Mary. 

Noting this, the headgear is decorated with spoon-shaped bangles. 

This culture may sound weird to some people, but it has a special place for the people in Norway in their weddings. Initially, couples could go for either a civil or religious ceremony, but since the church and state considered one, both of these ceremonies are considered civil. 

Additionally, after the wedding, they enjoy another fun tradition where all the male guests will get an opportunity to kiss the bride if the groom gets up to go to the bathroom, and the same happens with the bride as well. 

If she gets up for a bathroom, then all other female guests will kiss the groom. 

The weird customs are the foundation of a culture’s history. The world never stops to make people stunned by its strange things.