WASA: Desilting work in Guanopo Water Treatment Plants to cause water disruption

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The consumers served by the Guanopo Water Treatment Plant will experience disruptions in their water supply on Wednesday due to desilting works. The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) seeks to optimize production at the facility. 

As per sources, consumers in North-East Trinidad can exper`ience an interruption in water services between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on March 6. WASA issued an advisory and urged people to be prepared as they would have no access to the water on that day. 

The areas that will be affected in Arima by the pre-planned works in the water pipe are as follows, 

– Mt Pleasant

– Alenore Gardens

– Pinto Road

– Calvary 

– Sanchez Street

– Bye Pass Road

– Blanchisseuse Road

– Maturita

– La Retreat Road

– Longden Street

The maintenance work is expected to be completed by 3:00 pm on the same day, but the Water and Sewerage Authority would like to remind the general public that there is a possibility that the supply will take 24 hours to restart the services to normalize. 

WASA asked people to contact them through their helpline number in case of any queries. The authorities have assured the affected consumers that they are trying to fix the problem and will assign a team to address the challenge in ongoing maintenance efforts. 

The desilting work is crucial to ensure safe and clean water services, and these reparations are needed to improve the overall water supply system and its reliability to the residents. 

However, people in other regions have also been suffering from the problem of water disruption for many days. “No water in Williamsville since February 7 2024. Do you have any resolution date. Are we to continue to suffer in silence. No truck supply either”, quoted one FB user. 

The authorities expect residents to cooperate with them and state that they are trying everything they can to support their citizens.

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