The body of William Hendricks was set on fire by person or persons at Eruma Backdam. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)

Wanted man, William Hendricks set on fire in Region 7

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Georgetown, Guyana: The body of a Wanted man, William Hendricks, was set on fire and was stabbed to death by a person or persons in Region 7, Guyana. The police from the region were called in to investigate his death.

The incident took place on Friday at Eruma Backdam, Cuyuni River, at 17:00 hours. At around 17:45 hours, a 37-year-old Security Guard named Dave Hamilton, employed with Hopkinson Security Company, called Bartica Police Station via cellular phone.

Notably, while performing his duties at Kevin’s Camp, he received information that Hendricks, who was Wanted by police for questioning in relation to robbery under arms, firearm and narcotic possession, was lying motionless on the trail. 

The body was appeared with stabbed wounds all over it. 

After receiving the call, a security guard immediately visited the scene, where he observed the body and took several photographs.

In a meanwhile, the detectives were dispatched to the locations to conduct an investigation. However, when detectives went to the location, they observed the deceased with several stab wounds on his body.

The stab wounds on the man’s body were fresh as the blood was wet, and parts of his body and clothing that had mud were wet. He was clad in a red shirt, black short pants, long boots and white Captain America boxers.

If sources are to be believed, they said that police took a white plastic and placed it over the dead man’s body.

They further claimed that the police reportedly left the man’s body alone, covered at the scene and went to the waterfront to get transportation to transport the body out of the Backdam.

Then, the dead body of Hendricks was set ablaze; however, it did not burn completely. 

It is believed that the Wanted man was aware that one day he would be unlived by his killers. He even revealed the names of the persons who attempted to kill him on several occasions. 

Notably, in early October, a Wanted Bulletin was issued for him for the offences mentioned above.