Unhealthy air blankets Toco, Port of Spain: EMA issues advisory

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The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has issued an “unhealthy” Air Quality Index (AQI) advisory for Toco and Port of Spain environs. On Monday, the AQI was recorded between 151 and 153 at monitoring stations.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) has deemed such levels unhealthy for the people of Trinidad and Tobago. During the survey, it was found that this condition is caused by the increase of Saharan dust.

“The increase in particulate matter (PM) is due to Saharan dust and its level is between 151 to 153”, the EMA officials added.

Following the advisory, the officials from the Environmental Management Authority encouraged the people of the sensitive groups such as older adults, pregnant women, and children to take precautions.

The individuals suffering from any respiratory disease, allergies, and heart or lung diseases are reminded that such an atmosphere is critical to their health and could worsen their diseases. Therefore, they should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion and suggested to remain indoors.

It should be noted that the other AQI monitoring stations have also registered an unhealthy air quality in different districts of Trinidad and Tobago.

“The AQI levels at monitoring stations in Scarborough, Mayaro, San Fernando, PT Lisas and Arima ranged from 117 to 143, indicating unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups”, the EMA reports.

Saharan Dust is contributing to the unhealthy air level. (Credits: T&T Guardian, Facebook)
Saharan Dust is contributing to the unhealthy air level. (Credits: T&T Guardian, Facebook)

About the AQI

The Air Quality Index, also known as AQI is the numbers used by the government officials, especially EMA to know about the level of polluted air in the atmosphere or how polluted it is forecast to become.

As the AQI number rises, it eventually leads to severe health effects, as an increasing number is a sign of an increase in pollution.

It is worth mentioning Ambient Air Quality Monitoring stations are currently serving in the seven districts of the country. The six stations are located in Trinidad including, Toco, Arima, Port of Spain, Mayaro, San Fernando and Point Lisas, while seventh station is serving at Signal Hill in Tobago.

Due to such an atmosphere, people around the nation expressed their frustration regarding the increase in Air Quality through their comments on social media (Facebook). Some of the comments read as,

“If we must be outside- please wear a mask…no harm…no shame…just protect yourself”, quoted one.

“The Saharan dust. People just need to protect themselves”, commented another FB user.

Additionally, the individuals are strictly advised to take necessary precautions and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and immune. The people suffering from respiratory illness should avoid getting outside their homes and keep nasal sprays and inhalers with themselves.

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