UN Official found dead in Antigua Hotel

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Disturbing news came out of Antigua and Barbuda, as a United Nation’s official was found dead in his hotel room on Tuesday at the Jolly Beach Resort. He was part of a United Nations delegation that assisted in efforts to organize the 4th Small Island Developing States Conference.

The official was found in his room by one of his team members and the authorities were involved subsequently. The news comes as Antigua and Barbuda is in the midst of preparing for the largest conference that the nation has ever hosted.

The magnitude of the event is such that roughly 5,000 delegates, officials, and world leaders will attend. The conference will be held at the American University of Antigua from the 27th of May to the 30th of May.

Considering the size and scope of the conference, United Nations officials have been making visits to Antigua and Barbuda and lending their assistance to the nation, as it makes preparations. The event is an important one for the nation and preparations for the conference have cost US$7M.

The death of the UN official is currently being investigated and no suspicions of foul play have been conveyed by the authorities as yet.

The twin island nation is looking to resolve the issue before it is time for delegates and officials to make their way to Antigua and Barbuda for the conference itself. United Nations officials will also be looking to get to the bottom of the matter and confirm that there is no foul play involved.

The Conference on Small Island Developing States is a significant event for the region and allows leaders to converse on a multitude of topics with common interests in mind. Thus, it is important to assess matters well in preparation for the many dignitaries making their way to Antigua and Barbuda soon.

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