UK takes steps to protect Guyana in border dispute

MP Daniel Kawczynski raises the Guyana Venezuela border dispute and the issue intensifies.

MP Daniel Kawczynski highlights the Guyana Venezuela border dispute. (Image Credits: Twitter)
MP Daniel Kawczynski highlights the Guyana Venezuela border dispute. (Image Credits: Twitter)

The United Kingdom is focusing on Guyana as the border dispute with Venezuela continues to escalate, despite the intervention of the International Court of Justice via an official order.

According to the latest reports, Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury, Daniel Kawczynski has tabled an early day motion, with the specific aim of calling upon the Foreign Office to initiate necessary debates and conversations at the United Nations.


This move also aims to enhance the collaboration with CARICOM states and other members of the international fraternity, aligned with the goal of supporting Guyana against Venezuela’s advances and attempts at annexing the Essequibo region.

This region is a mineral rich swath of land which is not small by any means. Going by the status quo and the support extended to Guyana by international communities and organisations such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, Guyana has every right to protect this region as its own.

The agenda at the current moment is to protect Guyana by any and all means available, to make sure that Venezuela is unable to annex Essequibo by force.

MP Daniel Kawczynski has been an active part of this movement. He has been tracking the developments in real time and has also been submitting written questions about the most important facets of the dispute as it unfolds.

He has also stated that Guyana is a commonwealth country and added that, “we have a duty and responsibility to help.”

Since the international community has made it clear that it stands by Guyana, as it has breached no international laws and has every right to protect its borders against illegal encroachment, it is important that steps are taken to support Guyana if Venezuela continues to be an aggressor.

The expectation was that the order issued by the International Court of Justice, which placed provisional measures against Venezuela, would affect the approach taken in this matter.

In reality though, Venezuela continued with its “consultive referendum”, seeking its citizens opinions on whether the Essequibo region should be annexed and citizenships be given to those who will become a part of Venezuela in the process.

This move has been seen as an aggressive one by Guyana, as President Irfaan Ali sees it as a prelude to annexation, a move that would go against both the original Arbitral Accord and the recent ruling of the International Court of Justice.

If considered from this perspective, any such move by Venezuela would be in violation of international laws, hence meriting strict action from the international community.

One must say though that it is heartening to see government representatives such as MP Daniel Kawczynski, amongst others, taking stock of the situation as it unfolds and making a genuine effort to counter any moves made by Venezuela against Guyana.