Two teenagers were brutally killed at Arouca.

Two teenagers gunned down at Arouca

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Reportedly, two teenage boys were gunned down in Bon Air at Arouca on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

The teenagers were identified as 15-year-old Anim Persad, who belonged to Emerald Gardens, Bon Air, and was a student of Deigo Martin Secondary School.

The other person was recognized as an 18-year-old Olun James of Cocorite Drive, Bon Air. 

Around 10:00 pm, Arouca CID officials were patrolling in Bon Air, where they heard gunshots near the corner of the Skylark Crescent and Emerald Circular.

Notably, when they arrived at the crime scene, they found the lifeless bodies of Persad and James, respectively, who were calling out for help.

In due course, the officers took James to the nearby hospital, namely Arima Hospital. The doctors examined the body, and they declared the person dead around 10:30 pm.

Meanwhile, a district medical officer arrived at the scene where an offence had been committed and mentioned that Persad was dead.

Therefore, the crime scene investigators also visited the site to collect forensic evidence. It is to be noted that they discovered 32 shells spent 5.56 and 25 shell casings spent 7.62.

The reason behind the murder is still not known, as the investigation is still going on. 

Many people have shared their opinions regarding the matter on social media, where one has commented, “Being a Former Gun Owner with so many spent shells, It looks like a revenge killing.”

This is not the once-in-a-while case of double murder that came to the limelight, as this was the 46th double murder that was recorded for the year thus far and recognized as the 4th for the month of November.

Notably, just on Saturday, November 11, two men were killed following a shooting at 69 Sports Bar and Grill in St Anns.

The deceased was identified as 50-year-old Franz Lavine, who worked as a security officer at Sandale Avenue, Diego Martin. Another person was discovered to be 44-year-old Hayden Etienne of St Anns Road.