T&T achieves 63% SDGs, focusing to reduce poverty

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Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has earned a milestone as the nation achieved 63 percent of the United Nations’ Global Goals, which are aimed at sustainable development with a primary focus is to managing the problem of poverty in the country.

It is to be noted that these goals were adopted by member states in 2015. The 17 interlinked goals include 169 goals and are considered critical in responding to multiple challenges.

Some of the sustainable development goals are as follows,

  • Affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth
  • Responsible consumption and production, climate action
  • Good health, zero hunger, well-being, no poverty, gender equality, clean water and sanitation
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities
  • Reduced in-equalities
  • Life on land, life below water, strong institutions, peace, justice and partnerships

However, the UN Secretary-General stated that the world is on track to meet only 12 percent of targets under the sustainable development goals and now the time is running out to meet the targets by the 2030 deadline.

Noting this, they are worried and concerned as the countries are nowhere close to the goals as for the time being. The UN Resident Coordinator- Joanna Kazana said that Trinidad and Tobago has achieved its goals to a great extent and they are committed to completing the decided goals by 2030.

“What we are seeing is that 63 percent of the Sustainable Development Goals have already been met and reached by Trinidad and Tobago. This is a positive result but we also have a little bit more detail as we look goal by goal and we know that 9 out of 14 goals for which we have data have improving trends or positive trends. We are hoping and counting on those areas to be fully reaching the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030”, added Kazana.

Moreover, she said that the authorities are measuring the targets that are supposed to be completed on a priority basis as SDGs are a long-term agenda and things need to take time to work out.

Unfortunately, the nation is still lacking somewhere is terms of peace, justice, clean water, quality education, and promoting sustainable agriculture. In order to curb criminal activities in the country, Kazana added that they are providing community security or social cohesion with job opportunities to young people, so they will not be included in gang violence and criminal activities.

While talking about the obstacles that are blocking the pathway to progress of some goals, she highlighted the need of financing agencies as they are lacking in finance.

“A difficult access to finance on the global market. So, whereas other countries can access the concessional funding or more grant assistance from the Official Development Finance, Trinidad and Tobago is not eligible for a lot of ODA because of its income status. So, you’re rich enough to cope with a lot of issues yourself but those challenges are huge”, she remarked.

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