Tropical Storm Nora wrecked shores along the Gulf of California

Tropical Storm Nora wrecked shores along the Gulf of California
Tropical Storm Nora wrecked shores along the Gulf of California

Areas along with the Gulf of California experiencing heavy rain due to the Tropical Storm Nora that had weakened from a hurricane. While Tropical Storm Nora was in the form of a Hurricane, it caused floods in many years and landslides on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It also showed devastating effects in Puerta Vallarta. It results in 1 death and 7 missings.

On Sunday, after weakening into a tropical storm, Nora entered the land ways of the Mazatlan resort and again moved back to the waters, after which it entered the gulf. Tropical Storm Nora, even after weakening from Hurricane, it has been causing heavy rain, posing a danger along the area of the gulf.


Nora had maximum speedy winds of 40 mph (65 kph) late Sunday and moving towards the north-northwest at 12 mph (19 kph). The center was about 155 kilometres southeast of Los Mochis.

The coastal areas of Michoacán, Jalisco and Colima and the resident communities experienced heavy rain and storm ads the storm was moving towards the north. The storm was disastrous as it was along the coast.

The officials of Jalisco state said that due to flooding, a teen from Spain was killed as the hotel collapsed. The incident took place in Puerto Vallarta. A woman was also reported missing as her car swept in flood. Officials said flooding damaged 500 homes and two people were injured in a landslide.

Two rivers flooded in Puerto Vallarta as the storm came on Saturday night and flooded part of the center of the town. A flow of water shattered a bridge and took away part of a small four-story boutique hotel where the deceased boy was found on Sunday following eight hours of searching. The rest of his family fled before the destruction, authorities said.

The center said some areas along the west coast of Mexico could see rainfall totals from 20 to 30 centimeters with even more in some spots.