Trinidad Police arrests three suspects, seizes drugs during crime eradication exercise

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Trinidad and Tobago: The crime eradication exercise in Trinidad by the authorities resulted in the recovery of illegal narcotics with the arrest of three suspects. It is to be noted that the operation took place in the Northern and Central Divisions on Wednesday. 

Upon receiving information on a male suspect during the patrolling exercise conducted by the investigating officers, they responded to the matter and arrived at Chotoo Road, Aranguez. 

As per the reports, the suspect was walking along the street holding two black plastic bags. Subsequently, the officers stopped and started conducting the search for the bags found on him. The bags contained 15 black and white boxes, each containing a black construction back-strap containing cocaine. 

The drug was later weighed by the authorities, and it weighed 610.7 grams, which has an estimated street value of TT$851 267. Therefore, the man was arrested for the offence of possessing narcotics. 

Notably, the identity and any other information about the suspect have not yet been revealed by the officers. 

Moreover, the authorities of Trinidad and Tobago conducted another exercise in the Arouca and St Joseph Policing Districts on the same day. During the search, the officers apprehended two suspects for the offence of possession of cocaine with the purpose of smuggling it.  

It is to be noted that the two suspects have been identified as a 29-year-old resident of First Street, St Joseph, who is also a relative to enquirers and a 23-year-old man, a resident of Tacarigua. The names of the suspects have not been shared by the officers yet. 

Various community members took to their social media accounts to express their views and appreciated the authorities for their diligent efforts in maintaining the country as a safer and more secure place for the island nation’s citizens. 

One person with a Facebook account, Trent Rampersadsingh, commented the following: “Well Done, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, in keeping our country safe.”

Meanwhile, a few people expressed their concern about the increasing crime rate and requested the government to take stringent actions in order to curb the surge in criminal activities. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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