Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Ministry shares update on activities to be held on World Art Day

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts of Trinidad and Tobago has shared a reminder update about World Art Day.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts of Trinidad and Tobago has shared a reminder update about World Art Day. Through the post, the ministry informed about the activities to be held to mark the day islandwide. The day is observed on April 15, annually.

As per the update by the ministry, here is a list of events happening on World Art Day one may be interested in:

1. View and purchase the works of 70+ local artists at the Fine Art Market in Anchorage.

2. Art and Butterfly collection tours as well as an all-inclusive sip and paint at House of Angostura.

3. Free Studio Space at Armin’s Art Galleria LTD.

4. Performances, Gallery Hops, Family Friendly Activities with National Museum Art Gallery.

5. Oil Painting Workshop here at The Art Society with Marissa Yung Lee.

6. Gallery hop to Horizons Art Gallery, Rotunda Gallery, TT Medulla Art Gallery.

It further asserted, “Visit the pages for more info! It will be an amazing day for artists! Take advantage of all these great options available!!”

World Arts Day, also known as International Day of the Arts, is a global celebration of creativity and expression through various forms of art. This year, on World Arts Day 2023, people all over the globe will come together to appreciate and promote the beauty and value of art in their lives.

Whether it’s painting, music, dance, literature, or any other art form, it has the power to connect, inspire, and bring joy to daily lives. This day is an opportunity to recognize and support the artists and creatives who enrich the cultures and to encourage everyone to explore their own artistic potential.

The day is important to appreciate the art and celebrate the diversity as well as the richness of the global artistic heritage.

George Henry

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