Trinidad and Tobago may witness heavy rainfall. (Credits: Weather Updates by Cherrelle, Facebook)

Trinidad and Tobago at risk of heavy thunderstorm

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago is expected to experience light showers in a few areas as thunderstorms are developing. During the morning period, most areas will remain clear with sun, while some will have morning showers.

Thunderstorms and showers are expected to begin on November 5, by average around 11 a.m. or later, and it will continue throughout.

Showers are supposed to pause from time to time, while some areas will experience fewer showers than others. It will not be possible to witness sun rays.

However, it may rain late at night. Breezy winds and flash flooding are possible in the region of thunderstorms and heavy showers.

Night time: The weather would be mostly fair except for some light to moderate showery interruptions, especially after midnight.

Two days back, much of the rainclouds had drifted away from the island and remained at the sea while leaving most areas dry.

Most of the areas were cleared for part of the morning period with little sunlight, while some experienced short light showers.

Around 1:55 pm, the region witnessed isolated thunderstorms developing across west-central and north western Trinidad. It produced lightning, and moderate to periodic heavy rainfall occurred mainly west of Piarco and north of Chaguanas.

Light to moderate rain was observed across much of Trinidad, interrupting mostly cloudy to overcast skies.

Hazards: The main hazard will originate from the heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, which will produce cloud-to-ground lightning accompanied by breezy winds estimated at up to 50 KM/H.

During the heavy showers, localized streets could be triggered for flooding.

Marine: Seas are detected to be moderate, with waves in open waters which could reach as high as 2.0 meters. In the covered areas, waves are forecasted up to 1.0 meters.

Estimated weather update for the next two days

Monday, November, 6, 2023

The weather would be partly sunny except for some late morning or afternoon showers, and there is a chance of an isolated thunderstorm as well.

Tuesday, November, 7, 2023

The island may be partly cloudy from late morning or afternoon, with showers near hilly areas of the western coast. There is a probability that these showers could become heavy and thundery.