Trinidad and Tobago: 57 years old beaten to death by rolling pin

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Trinidad and Tobago: An old man of 57 years died due to injuries he got from the beating of a rolling pin on December 26, 2023 (Boxing Day).

It has come forward that a man named Bharath Babooram was beaten with a rolling pin in Freeport and died due to injuries at the San Fernando General Hospital. The records revealed that Babooram’s niece was leaving the home at night around 8 pm on the day next to Christmas (Boxing Day).

Moreover, the information even came out that the uncle of his niece also had an involvement in this. The revelations outlined that when the niece went to Babooram’s home, she saw Babooram laying on his back. And, his situation was extremely worsened that he was bleeding from his nose, ear and mouth so badly.

On this, the statement of police declared that the culprit had beaten his father as well and referred to the culprit as devil. And, the ambulance belonging to EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) made it possible to take Babooram to the Couva Health Facility.

From the medical center, Couva Health Facility, the victim got the treatment at the initial stage and was further taken to the San Fernando Hospital. Regarding this, the investigations are still going to find the culprit.

Further, even this has come forth that a male relative aged 27 years is providing assistance to the police in clear and smooth investigations so they could reach the culprit. Major responsibility has been handed over to the officers of Homicide Bureau Region.

The officials are working responsibly aiming at better investigations for better outcomes. Even people are so shocked on hearing this and someone even mentioned on it that “trouble is an easy thing to come and hard thing to go, I wonder how his son is feeling now.”

People are even anxious about this and presenting capital punishment as a way to provide justice.

George Henry
George Henry
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