Teen girl Marsica Cozier kidnapped for Ransom 

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Georgetown, Guyana: The 14-year-old Marsica Cozier was allegedly kidnapped by two persons, and a family was told to hand over $300k to get her back.

Notably, the girl was identified to be from the Friendship Squatting Area of East Bank Demerara (EBD).

It is to be added in the remarks of the teen’s mother, Wendy Neblett, that the form two student of the Institute of Professional Education, which is located at Grove Market Street, left home in the morning to attend school with her father’s phone.

It is to be noted that on Tuesday afternoon at around 16:14, Cozier’s mother received a text from her daughter in which she stated the whole incident of her kidnapping.

“Mommy, help me. I don’t know where I am. Two people in a car came and pulled me in their car, and they had me in the car trunk. I can’t let them know I have a phone”, the message stated.

As soon as she received that text, the woman tried to contact her daughter, but unfortunately, she was unable to reach her. As a consequence, she immediately went to the nearby Grove Police Station to file a report of her missing daughter.

Notably, officials, along with the teen’s parents, went over to her school, and they got to know the shocking fact about their daughter: The teen never showed up at school that day.

In the meantime, while Police continued their investigation, the 14-year-old’s aunt received a text from the phone where the girl had informed her that the kidnappers learned about the phone she had.

Glimpses of the text, the teen's aunt received. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)
Glimpses of the text, the teen’s aunt received. (Credits: Guyana Daily News, Facebook)

This text made sure that the teen, then, did not have the phone to tell what was happening around her and in what condition she was living.

The aunt was then informed that the family should get $300,000 to give to the kidnappers, or they would do something bad to the teen.

Additionally, police officers are investigating the case. However, many people questioned the statement given by teen’s aunt on social media, one person named Karen Correia commented

“Something not right abt this hold story first off how they know is the aunt text them an not the mother an why the father have the aunty name safe as mi queen anyways hope she gets home safe.”

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