Taliban asks shopkeepers to behead mannequins, noting they violate Islamic rules

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Kabul, Afghanistan: Taliban made another weird announcement, asking the shopkeepers of the cloth shops to behead the mannequins, highlighting that they violate Islamic rules.

The order was announced by Afghanistan’s Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. This move has left the Afghan shopkeepers astonished. The dealers feel that this will create more challenges for them.

One of the local arm ministers of the Ministry, Aziz Rahman, blamed and accused people of worshipping the mannequins, calling it inappropriate and against Islamic law.

The authorities noted that those who will be seen violating the order of the Islamic state government would get punished.

One of the campaigners fighting for Afghan women’s rights, Ms Babakarkhail, criticising the order of Taliban administration, cited, “It is brutal. This is the kind of behaviour of children. Not of a government leading a nation. This shows the nasty face of the Taliban.
“If the Taliban cannot accept a doll, how can they accept a woman with a voice to be in Afghanistan”.

“Now, when I read the news, I am scared. The Taliban pretends to change. They announced an amnesty saying they forgive all of their opponents, but this is a big lie. We should stand against the Taliban. We should have our rights,” she furthermore added.

Recently, the all-men Taliban government issued a guideline as per which women will not be allowed to travel unless accompanied by a male counterpart. These Taliban policies are getting criticism from world leaders, politicians, human rights activists and individuals.