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Romani Gypsy Bride Kidnapping ritual

Romani Gypsy tribes, which are one of the oldest cultures that have translated into the modem world, have some intriguing customs. Known for their unique wandering lifestyle and strong fighting tradition.

Bathroom ban for three days after wedding

Tidong Tribe Forbids Newlyweds From Using Toilet For Three Days after their wedding.

Niger: The Wodaabe Tribe’s ‘wife stealing’ festival

The Wodaabe Tribe of Niger has a unique approach to polyamorous relationships.

Tradition of feeding the dead in Rome

The bizarre tradition in Rome of feeding the dead.

The Indonesian tribe which cuts off fingers when loved ones die

The weird customs followed by the Indonesian Dani tribe.

Why the Yanomami eat burnt remains of their dead

The Yanomami follow a unique ritual to allow the souls of their dead to transcend.