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Saharan dust continues to affect Trinidad and Tobago

The dust haze continues to blanket the regions of Trinidad and Tobago due to moderate to high concentration of Saharan dust. This has been caused due to strong winds, carried dust from the Sahara Desert.

Dust haze advisory expected to lift, chances of moderate showers in SVG

The SVG Meteorological reports revealed that the rainfall could decrease with few showers on Thursday night.

Unhealthy air blankets Toco, Port of Spain: EMA issues advisory

EMA has issued an "unhealthy" Air Quality Index (AQI) advisory for Toco and Port of Spain environs. On Monday, the AQI was recorded between 151 and 153 at monitoring stations.

Saharan dust covers Barbados, BMS issues dust haze advisory

A significant increase in the Saharan dust pose great threat to the people as it reduces the visibility across the nation. Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) announced a dust haze advisory.

Saharan Dust affects Caribbean nations, meteorologists urge citizens to be cautious

The increase in Saharan dust in Caribbean countries is likely to cause respiratory problems. According to reports, people have already started experiencing respiratory problems and allergies.  

Trough system continues to affect Barbados, BMS issues advisory

The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) shared that the trough system will continue to affect the island on Friday. Due to such conditions, forecasters announced Marine and haze advisory.

Low pressure system to affect Trinidad and Tobago, TTMS reports

TTMS issues an advisory due to a developing of a low pressure system, which is associated with the frontal system across the Leeward Islands.

SVG Meteorological Services forecast moderate showers, Saharan dust

SVG Meteorological Services has shared that they forecasted moderate showers and Saharan Dust, which are spanning across the region.

Dense Haze Advisory issued for Grenada due to Saharan Dust

Grenada Meteorological Services (GMS) issued a dense haze advisory due to a significant increase in the concentration of Saharan dust in the atmosphere.

Moses Jn Baptiste issues advisory due to Saharan dust, urges people to stay indoors

The Minister of Health- Moses Jn Baptiste, has issued a public advisory due to the rise of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere as the air quality reaches an 'unhealthy' level.

Dust Haze Advisory continues in Barbados, BMS updates

BMS shares that the Dust Haze advisory has been continued for Barbados due to increase of Saharan dust in the air. Due to such conditions, the Air quality reaches to ‘Unhealthy level.’

Unhealthy air quality in Port of Spain, EMA urges people to stay indoor

Environmental Management Authority (EMA)’s monitoring stations reported an ‘Unhealthy’ air quality in the areas of Port of Spain as Saharan Dust continues passing through the atmosphere.