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Dust haze advisory expected to lift, chances of moderate showers in SVG

The SVG Meteorological reports revealed that the rainfall could decrease with few showers on Thursday night.

TTMS shares mild to moderate Saharan Dust in T&T

TTMS has reported a mild to moderate concentration of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere. The people those who are suffering from respiratory illness are asked to exercise caution. 

Dense Haze Advisory issued for Grenada due to Saharan Dust

Grenada Meteorological Services (GMS) issued a dense haze advisory due to a significant increase in the concentration of Saharan dust in the atmosphere.

Moses Jn Baptiste issues advisory due to Saharan dust, urges people to stay indoors

The Minister of Health- Moses Jn Baptiste, has issued a public advisory due to the rise of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere as the air quality reaches an 'unhealthy' level.

Saint Lucia health ministry introduces measures to curb flu-like symptoms

The nation has recorded a decline in the cases of flu but the Ministry of Health continues to monitor the respiratory illness in the country and introduced some measures to curb the issue.

Grenada Meteorological Service focuses on Saharan dust plume

Satellite observations and model data would suggest that these conditions will persist for the next 24 hours at the very least.

Decline in respiratory cases, Minister Baptiste favours continuous vigilance

Minister of Health- Moses Jn Baptiste urged continuous vigilance of respiratory illness, despite a slight decrease in the cases.

Saint Lucia: Outbreak of Respiratory Illness

The Ministry of Health has identified RSV and Influenza Type A as the most common Respiratory infections.