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Israeli strike in Gaza claims lives of 18, PM Netanyahu rejects US call for path to Palestinian state

18 people lost their lives in Gaza due to an Israeli strike on Sunday. Israeli PM- Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed Hamas’s demands as “Delusional” and rejected US and international calls for a path to a Palestinian state.

Oxygen shortage claims lives of five at southern Gaza hospital

Five patients lost their loves due to oxygen shortage in the southern Gaza’s main hospital. The soldiers were searching the compound where they believed the remains of hostages captured by Hamas.

Anthony Blinken meets Egyptian leaders, pushing for progress on ceasefire deal

US Secretary of State - Anthony Blinken met Egyptian leaders on Tuesday amid growing concerns in Egypt as Israel intends to expand the war in Gaza to areas along the Egyptian border.

Ongoing Israel-Hamas war claims 25,000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza Strip

The ongoing Israel-Hamas war noted that the Palestinian death toll has surpassed 25,000. The update was confirmed by the Health Ministry in Gaza Strip on Sunday.