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Human Trafficking in St Maarten, a growing problem

As a case of Human Trafficking gets highlighted in St Maarten, many hark back to the requirements given by the US Department of State in the fight against Traffickers in the region.

Mother accused of prostituting daughter in Suriname

A 38-year-old mother was apprehended for human trafficking and matchmaking after she was allegedly forced her 15-year-old daughter into prostitution in Suriname.

Foreign nationals charged for running Child Prostitution ring in Tobago

 Foreign Nationals were charged for running a major Human Trafficking/ Child Prostitution Ring in Tobago-3.

Human trafficking case in Suriname

The authorities of Suriname have taken the initiative of launching a Blue Alert at both national and international levels about the disappearance of a group of Pakistani nationals who arrived in the country some time ago.

Suriname: Human Trafficker serves jail time before being deported

A 59-year-old convicted human trafficker has been deported by Suriname following his prison sentence on the same charges.

Barbadian govt to launch Human Trafficking Sensitisation Campaign

The Barbadian Government has taken a step towards erasing Human Trafficking in the region and raising awareness against this evil practice.