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Guyana: School security guard arrested for stealing solar panels worth $260,000

The authorities of Guyana arrested a security guard in connection to stolen Merisolar solar panels worth GC $260,000 at Two Miles Primary School in Regional Division #7.

Guyana: Two men sentenced to 7 days of community service for offence of possessing narcotics

Two men of Guyana caught with narcotics have been sentenced to 7 days of community service. Both men were arrested on 18th April 2024 in two different cases. 

27-year-old man granted bail in sum of $100,000 for robbing police officer at knifepoint

A 27-year-old man was granted bail in the sum of $100,000 in connection to the offence of robbing a police officer at knifepoint. He has been asked to reappear in the court on 29th April 2024. 

East Bank Demerara: 28-year-old woman held for possession of drugs

The accused was arrested for possession of drugs and identified as Jessica Lalmoni. She was a resident of Lot 938, 4th Field in Kaneville at East Bank Demerara.

Man drops haversack with narcotics, ammunition and flees away, Guyana police investigates

The authorities of Guyana are conducting a thorough investigation to find the man who dropped a haversack containing drugs and ammunition and fled the scene.

Guyana officers seizes 52lbs of narcotics during search operation

The authorities of Guyana discovered 52lbs Ganja during the search operation conducted by them on Ramp Road, Georgetown, Guyana on Saturday, 13th April 2024.

34-year-old woman of Guyana arrested for possessing over 100 kgs of cannabis

A 34-year-old woman of Guyana was arrested as the officers seized over 100 kilograms of suspected cannabis from her residence.

Guyana police conducts search operation, arrests 4 people and seizes several illegal items

The ranked officers held search operations in the premises of the Regional Division #10. The exercise was held on Friday, 12th April and the authorities seized several illegal items and arrested 4 people. 

30-year-old psychiatric patient in Guyana injured due to misunderstanding

The misunderstanding between two knowns resulted in causing injuries to a 30-year-old psychiatric patient of Guyana.

Guyana: 23-year-old jailed for 3 years for posessing narcotics

A 23-year-old of Guyana sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years for possessing narcotics with the purpose of trafficking it and pleaded guilty.

Guyana officers arrested man for possessing illegal firearm during mobile patrol duty

A 32-year-old man was arrested for the offence of possessing an illegal firearm on Thursday, 4th April 2024. The apprehension of the suspect was conducted while the officers were on mobile patrol duty in the near surroundings of the Anna Regina Police Headquarters. 

Guyana: 18-year-old shot by acquittance following altercation

An 18-year-old construction worker of Guyana was shot by a known person on Tuesday as the duo got into a heated argument. The victim is undergoing treatment and is still in a hospital whereas the suspect is on the run.