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CSG Patricia Scotland participates in Africa Climate Summit, talks about blue economy

The Commonwealth General Secretary (CSG) – Patricia Scotland, shared her views on the potential of a regenerative blue economy at the Africa Climate Summit.

CSG Patricia Scotland wishes the Bahamas on 50th Independence Day

Patricia Scotland, the Commonwealth Secretary-General (CSG), recently participated in the golden jubilee of the independence of The Bahamas.

CSG Patricia Scotland expresses grief towards victims of Lhubiriha School in Uganda

Patricia Scotland, the Commonwealth Secretary-General (CSG), expressed grief, sorrow and dismay towards the victims of the Lhubiriha School in Uganda.

CSG Patricia Scotland attends intergenerational dialogue in Geneva

Commonwealth Secretary-General (CSG) Patricia Scotland attended an intergenerational dialogue in Geneva.

CSG Patricia Scotland participated in tree-planting ceremony at Marlborough House

Commonwealth Secretary General (CSG) Patricia Scotland participated in the planting ceremony at Marlborough House.

Dominica Prez Charles Savarin meets CSG Patricia Scotland during his visit to UK

President of Dominica – Charles Savarin, met with the Commonwealth General Secretary Patricia Scotland during his visit to the UK to attend King Charles III Coronation.

Attorney General Gobin chairs first session of Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting 2022, CSG Patricia Scotland participates

The first session of the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting 2022 (CLMM) was chaired today by the Attorney General, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Maneesh Gobin, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland KC, at the InterContinental Resort in Balaclava.

Commonwealth: CSG Patricia Scotland shares her meeting with leaders of Pakistan

Patricia Scotland, the General Secretary of the Commonwealth, recently met with the ministers of Pakistan on November 8, 2022.

CSG Patricia Scotland addresses FICCIFLO in Pune during her 10-day visit to India

Commonwealth: The Commonwealth General Secretary, Patricia Scotland, gave a speech to the FLO-FICCI Women's Chamber of Commerce (FICCIFLO) in Pune, India, on August 10, 2022.

Patricia Scotland hosts Birmingham’s 10th Commonwealth Sports Ministers Meeting

Commonwealth: Secretary General of the Commonwealth- Patricia Scotland QC was delighted to welcome the ministers of the Commonwealth to Birmingham's 10th Commonwealth Sports Ministers Meeting (CSMM).

Patricia Scotland hosts meetings with a wide range of people ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth: Patricia Scotland, secretary general of the commonwealth, hosted a wide range of meetings with the prominent people of the commonwealth on July 25, 2022.

CS Patricia Scotland meets Fiji PM Bainimarama during annual Pacific Islands Forum

Commonwealth General Secretary Patricia Scotland recently participated in the annual leaders’ meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum, taking place in Suva, Fiji.