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Guyana and Venezuela at loggerheads as the latter builds up military near border

The dispute between Guyana and Venezuela over the mineral rich region of Essequibo continues to intensify as Venezuela builds up military positions along the border.

PM Pierre attends Guyana-Venezuela Peace Talks with regional leaders

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre attended the Peace Talks held under the auspices of CELAC and CARICOM regarding the border issues between Guyana and Venezuela on Thursday.

Nicaragua shows support for Venezuela following referendum

Nicaragua congratulates Venezuela on conducting referendum in dispute with Guyana.

UK takes steps to protect Guyana in border dispute

MP Daniel Kawczynski raises the Guyana Venezuela border dispute and the issue intensifies.

ICJ announces provisional measures against Venezuela in dispute with Guyana

The official ruling of the ICJ on the border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela makes the October 3rd referendum invalid.

Guyana initiates sensitisation programmes for citizens due to border dispute with Venezuela

Guyana attempts to counter Venezuela's influence in Essequibo by undertaking sensitisation programmes in the region.

Guyana Venezuela border dispute to be settled by ICJ on Friday

The Guyana Venezuela border dispute is expected to reach its conclusion as the ICJ is set to release its judgement on Friday.

Guyana terms Venezuela’s ‘referendum’ as ‘annexation’

Tensions escalate between Guyana and Venezuela as the latter prepares for a unilateral referendum in the dispute Essequibo region.

Guyana concerned by Venezuela’s troop buildup amid border dispute

The Guyana-Venezuela border dispute heads towards escalation following troop buildup at the border.

Venezuela and United States butt heads over Guyana border dispute

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro has spoken against and rejected what he calls “interference” from the United States, on the border dispute with Guyana.

Guyana refuses to back down to Venezuela in border dispute

Guyana has stated that it takes threats to its sovereignty from Venezuela very seriously.

Guyana maintains firm stance on border dispute with Venezuela

Authorities in Guyana spoke of their ongoing border dispute with Venezuela, saying that they were seeking a permanent and unquestionable resolution to the issue.