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Barbados to experience disturbed marine conditions, BMS urges to remain cautious

Bridgetown: The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) advised the people of the country about the possibility of deteriorating marine conditions, along with the western coastlines,...

Saharan dust covers Barbados, BMS issues dust haze advisory

A significant increase in the Saharan dust pose great threat to the people as it reduces the visibility across the nation. Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) announced a dust haze advisory.

Trough system continues to affect Barbados, BMS issues advisory

The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) shared that the trough system will continue to affect the island on Friday. Due to such conditions, forecasters announced Marine and haze advisory.

Large plume of dust haze affects Barbados, BMS cautions citizens

Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) monitored a large plume of dust haze in the eastern Atlantic, due to which skies are supposed to be appear yellowish during the day.

Heatwave increases in Barbados, BMS urges precaution

BMS representative urged the citizens of the nation to adopt precautionary measures as the heatwave is dominating the island.

Flash-flood Warning lifted, BMS shares  

BMS shared that the flash-flood watch has been discontinued with an immediate effect.

CIMH predicts severe hurricanes, extreme rainfall & tropical cyclones for Caribbean nations

CIMH predicted hotter and drier weather, extreme rainfall, more severe hurricanes and tropical cyclones for the Caribbean nations in 2024. 

Dust Haze Advisory continues in Barbados, BMS updates

BMS shares that the Dust Haze advisory has been continued for Barbados due to increase of Saharan dust in the air. Due to such conditions, the Air quality reaches to ‘Unhealthy level.’

Yellow alert for dust haze in Barbados due to low visibility

A ‘Yellow Alert’ has been activated in Barbados for the haze level as a layer of moderate dust haze will reduce the visibility across the marine area and to a lesser extent across the island.

Flash Flood warning discontinues in Barbados, BMS shares

Flash Flood Warning has been discontinued in north western, western and northern districts of Barbados as a trough system is passing through an island which cause moderate to heavy rains.

BMS forecasts rough seas, marine users adviced to exercise caution

BMS informed sea bathers and fishermen and other marine users to take all necessary precautions at beaches as they forecasted rough seas along the west coast this weekend.

‘Yellow’ alert for marine and dust haze in Barbados 

The marine services and dust haze have been given a ‘Yellow’ alert by Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) for the people of the Federation.