St Kitts and Nevis: Makalia Tucker crowned Miss Labour Queen Pageant 2024

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Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis: Makalia Tucker, from Champsville, Constituency 3, was crowned the Miss Labour Queen Pageant 2024 with a massive 860 points. Her charm, elegance and beauty set the stage on fire which won the hearts of all the judges and attendees of the event.

The Pageant was conducted on Saturday, 4th May 2024 at Carnival Village at 7 pm. The Miss Labour Queen Pageant 2024 was conducted a vision to give platform to the beautiful ladies of Constituencies of St. Kitts and Nevis to showcase their talent, charm and intelligence.

Makalia Tucker claimed victory over 7 other participants to won the title of Miss Labour Queen Pageant. Kiaunna Pemberton of Constituency 8 was named the first runner-up of the pageant. Meanwhile, Samya Parris of Constituency 6 and Venesha De Souza of Constituency 6 secured third and fourth positions with 791 and 781 points respectively.
The other beauties who participated in the competition include, Zakiya Archibald of C1, Jutambien Kelly of C2, Ju-Daronique Powell of C5 and Dariolys Mota of C7.

Her entire performance in the pageant was highly appreciated by all the leaders and the attendees of the event. She was a perfect combination of beauty, intellect and charm on stage who presented herself and her constituency with utmost grace and perfection.
With her exceptional performance, she also claimed tags including, Best Motivational Speech, Best Performing Talent, Best Evening Wear which shed light that her talent and charm has no limits.

Moreover, the Parliamentary Representative of Constituency 3, Konris Maynard, extended congratulations to Makalia Tucker for showcasing her incredible persona on stage. He appreciated her by saying that she is not only a beautiful and talented queen but also excellent in her academic studies. She is also all set to appear for her exams at the CFBC, which showcases her determination towards her aim.

Makalia Tucker crowned Miss Labour Queen Pageant 2024. PC: Facebook

It was her unwavering commitment and dedication to her field that she lit up the stage with her electrifying performance and claimed the Miss Labour Queen Pageant 2024. The evening was filled with glamour and excellence which offered an unforgettable experience to all the attendees.

The Minister Maynard extended gratitude to the entire family for the continuous support they have given her, especially her mom Saneka and grandmotherĀ Zelda.

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