Slipe district farmer, Alton McPherson arrested with 500 pounds of Ganja

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Kingston, Jamaica: A farmer of Slipe district, Alton McPherson, aged 38 years old, was arrested and charged with the possession of over 500 pounds of Ganja seized in St Elizabeth. 

It is to be noted that the detectives assigned to the Area 3 Narcotics Division conducted an anti-crime operation in the districts of Slipe and Clandestine at St Elizabeth

According to the reports, while conducting a search in the areas, the investigating officer recovered a portion of the contraband in a house occupied by McPherson. 

Noting this, the officials searched the nearby areas, and they found the other portion in the bushes of Clandestine. The ranks immediately arrested the suspect and took him into police custody. 

Further, he was charged with the possession of and dealing in Ganja following a question-and-answer session in the presence of his attorney. 

As per the sources, the court date has yet to be finalised. Additionally, people across the country took to their social media handles (Facebook) to express their frustration and concern regarding the increase in such crimes.

While reacting to the news, a person named Fay A Morris commented, “Stop the drugs. Arrest the culprits who deal and exchange ganja, should have like medicine, not indulge in them. It causes serious health problems.”

Another FB user by the name of Kylie Dosnaj wrote, “Everyday there is crime. don’t know why it happen? Please stop dealing with drugs. It is harmful.”

According to the sources, it has been said that drugs continue to be the most widely used in Jamaica, with 40 per cent of the population reporting that they currently use the substance. 

Moreover, if drug abuse reports are to be believed, they mentioned that the drugs smuggled to Jamaica from South America or Mexico contributed to the eruption of the violence. 

People should be aware when such crimes happen in nearby areas, and it is their prime duty to inform the administration so they will be able to handle the situation or investigate the matter without any delay. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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